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Love and Surprises!

I worked all morning. I did not eat breakfast.

I got a message from G in the middle of the night asking me when I worked the next day. So I let him know. Then ran off to work.

I had no lunch at work. I’ve again replaced meals with cigarettes.

I thought nothing of it until he showed up…an hour early for his shift. He was supposed to be there an hour after I LEFT. Clearly he was there for me for some reason. He walked in the building and I immediately drop my customer’s change all over the floor. It was right out of your basic romantic comedy…

I walk up to him after my shift and ask him what he’s doing there so early. He says he has a present to give me. WHAT? It’s HIS birthday tomorrow! Why in the world is he buying ME presents??? Crazy crazy man….I do LOVE surprises though. I LOVE them. And I love that he knows that.

I mention to him that I have to go cupcake ingredient shopping. He offers to take me home to drop off the present he gave me, then he’d drive me to my first store of choice. Then go to work himself.

We get to my apartment and he pulls out of his trunk a small grill, charcoal AND matches. All for me. I’m so happy I could puke (in the good way…like the Jack Donaghy way).

I go crazy and give him a HUGE hug and assure him of how fantastic he is.

We chat all the way to the first grocery store. He leaves me with promises to figure out what he wants to do for his birthday the next day and more promises of getting online that night to tell me.

I give him a big hug goodbye telling him how fucking happy I was to see him and how I didn’t expect to see him that day and  I LOVE surprises.

I find much of what I was looking for at the first stop. Still gotta make a few more..

I decide on the spur of the moment to literaly run into work. I run to his department, throw my arms around him and whisper “I just wanted to be close to you for a couple more seconds today…” then ran back out. He loves it when I do that shit.

I stopped at 12 places total looking for 2 INGREDIENTS! What the hell??? I needed sugar cubes and Pop Rocks. NO ONE SELLS POP ROCKS!!! NOwhere. It was INSANE trying to find them. I walked an extra 2 hour JUST TO FIND POP ROCKS! And when I did, I bonded with the cashier guy over nerd shit and cupcakes. The customer before me was REALLY mean to the guy. I hoped by telling him how kickass he was, he would feel better. I’m certain he did.

I got home at 7. Took me till Midnight to make cupcakes and clean my kitchen.

I got blue *EVERYWHERE*.

So much blue….

And SO tired…

No dinner. I had 3 tester cupcakes. Those were bad for me after not eating for 2 days. I felt sick. The cupcakes themselves had to be tweaked a couple of times.

I did not use the Pop Rocks or the sugar cubes.

They turned out cute and wonderful. I will post pics tomorrow!

Exercise: Like a 5 mile walk probably.

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