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I’m certain hardly any of you will truly understand the magnitude of the beginning of this sentence.

“My favourite candy bars are…”

Everything rests on this moment.

This is the big one. This is the big answer. I can either have crushing disappointment or brain-numbing ecstasy.

He pauses in between answering like that as well…

My brain has time to quickly tell me “If he says Zero bar, I’m going to FLIP THE FUCK OUT.”

So it has given me plenty of fair warning.

And it was as if he said it in slow motion, every syllable hitting my ears as beautiful as the most well-composed of concertos…

“…the Zero bar…”

And I physically black out for a second as the blood rushes from my head and my body literally starts going into shock.

I gasp loudly and throw my shaking hands over my face, my eyes wide with adoration.

He laughs so hard he’s practically in tears.

I try to explain what my head had just said. And then what he had said. And I stumbled over my words…and I had to stop, catch my breath….

I grabbed his hand.

And said “Please…continue with your list…”

We held hands the rest of the night.

I hope he realizes what he’s done. This is it. If I could have taken him right then and there on the table in the middle of the coffee shop, I would have. I will do anything, ANYTHING in this world to have him. He is now mine. I claim him.

The way he looked at me for the remainder of the evening was just spectacular. I will never ever forget that. He has the most tragically beautiful blue eyes…

TARDIS Birthday Cupcakes:

White Chocolate Vanilla cake (made with real vanilla bean and Lindor white chocolate) with Blueberry Cream Cheese frosting (where I actually made a blueberry concentrate with a reduction of pureed blueberries, brown sugar and a little water to add to it so as to not thin it out too much with the straight blueberry juice…and then I also still added pureed blueberries…) filled with a Mango Peach compote (which I allowed to thicken and reduce for quite some time in sugar and corn syrup) and topped with a single Blueberry. I liked both designs with and without the window embellishments, so I used both. Clearly I had also used half a bottle of royal blue food colouring in everything as well.

These…were….STUNNING. And took me all night to make. They were wonderful, SUPER rich and  tiny experience in themselves, packed with flavour and sweetness!

I hope he liked them.

The entire day was of course incredible, but quite honestly, that answer blew everything else out of the water and is really the only part that needs discussed.

I had granola pancakes with him for brunch and mole poblano at a Mexican joint for dinner.

I’m more than in love at this point. I couldn’t even LOOK at another man if I tried.


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  1. Oh my gosh they look incredible!! They’re the type of cakes that i would have to be supervised around haha, which means they look damn good. So happy you’re in love 🙂 xx

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