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I messed up someone’s order. I sent them the right item but the wrong color. This sucks. Now there is no way they will get their item in time. This upsets me. I offer to remake the item in the correct color, but there’s absolutely no way it will arrive in time for their event. I tell them to keep the first “wrong color” one and promise to make a new one. I have to walk to the store at 9 AM. Which means I first have to walk to the post office. Crap. This sucks.

On top of that it is raining. But I have no other choice but to walk in the rain as I have no car.

I eat a little cereal for breakfast. A very little.

I walk to the post office. Then walk to the store. Then I stop into my work on the way home to visit with G. He will make me feel better. He always does.

In the time I am there he offers me:

An umbrella (I have one, it sucks, but I have one)
A ride to the post office when he gets off (which isn’t until 4:30, so that cuts a bit too close to 5)
Half of his lunch (I ate breakfast…HE DIDN’T…he needs to eat, so I refuse it)

He’s so very sweet.

I give him a big hug and walk home. I re-make the item and have to walk it ALL THE WAY back to the far post office because the power is still out at the close one.

Somewhere in between I eat a sandwich with blackberry preserves and peanut butter.

I got a LOT of walking in today. A lot.

I get home and make a SPECTACULAR dinner:

Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie

Fresh Corn cut off the cob
Green Pepper, diced
Onion, diced
Carrot, sliced
Mushrooms, roughly sliced
Tomato Paste
Fresh chopped Sage
Fresh chopped Thyme
Worcestershire Sauce
Cream Cheese (divided)
Potato, mashed
Butter (divided)
S&P to taste

I first sauteed the veggies in olive oil and a little butter. Then added the milk, tomato paste, sage, thyme, Worcestershire Sauce and let the corn soak some of that in a little while. Then added the cream cheese and a little more milk and the flour. I boiled a potato while doing all of this (that I had de-skinned and cubed), mashed it and added butter, cream cheese, a little milk, salt and pepper, put the veggie mixture into a baking pan and topped it with the mashed potato. I let that bake at 350 for about 35 minutes. Until the potatoes were starting to get a little golden.

DEFUCKINGLICIOUS! I made this up with what I had entirely on the spot. I did my best to write down/remember what was in it. WOW! Outstanding!!!

Too long of a day. My legs actually hurt from so much walking. I don’t really mind, but normally they can take quite a beating. I am tired.

Exercise: You don’t even know. Like a 10 mile walk. It was crazy.


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