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Officially “single”!


This is currently the happiest day of  my life.

All I have to do is file a response and my divorce is complete.

To celebrate, I went on a big long walk. I went to Victoria’s Secret to look at some lotions and body sprays for myself and a close friend of mine in a similar relationship status situation. Picked 2 out that I think will work remarkably well for myself and one for my friend…then realized I’d forgotten my gift card. Well crap.

Left to walk to the store to get more supplies.

Walked in the direction of home, and then decided I needed things like flowers and a couple food items. So I stopped in the grocery store.

When I got home at about 5:30, I had intended to start walking to my brother’s at 6 for dinner (which wasn’t until 7, but I wanted to spend a little time with my sister-in-law).

Then I immediately became distracted online with this message from G:

“I stopped by your flat after work today.”

My heart drops into my stomach. The first time he ever randomly stops by after work and I was not here. How intensely depressing.

We chat for the next hour or so before deciding I oughtn’t be late to my brother’s.

My brother has made dinner for myself and my mother. My mother makes the mistake of asking about my love life.

She asks questions about G for the rest of the night. (She claims she didn’t ask enough about my ex-husband and wants to be sure she’s got all the info on this guy this time…)

She LOVES him.

All of my friends and family love him. And they’ve not even met him yet. But it’s very difficult not to love the most wonderful person on the Earth.

When I get home, I stay up late once again talking with him. We both have to be at work early and yet here we are depriving ourselves of sleep just to get one more word in.  He claimed he would actually be EARLY to work for a change…he’s NEVER early, so I did taunt him about this a bit. He can handle it. I love him for it.

I actually had forgotten for a minute that I DID take pictures of a real breakfast. I’m pretty proud of myself.


Oatmeal with Mango and Greek Yogurt




Turkey kielbasa with mushrooms and spinach. My brother does it up right. Then we went out for ice cream where I had a massive waffle cone containing a scoop of praline pecan and a scoop of caramel butterscotch. Shit, kids….I love being alive.

I am so looking forward to work. (How many people can say that?)

Exercise: About 5 miles of walking


Comments on: "Officially “single”!" (12)

  1. This post just reminded me of how much I LOVED butterscotch chips (they were for baking, but I ate them like candy!) before giving up dairy. And it also reminded me of broken hearts. Sorry to be such a debbie downer on these last two comments, but as much as I adore G., I think that you should not be in a relationship at this time. I foreshadow that your heart will be broken. But I could be wrong!

    • He does not have the capacity to break someone’s heart. If anything I hope I do not break his. He is far more fragile than I am.

      • I’ve decided that before entering a relationship ever again, I shall expel the lovey dovey emotional fragility from my being. I’m currently in love with a man. Head over heels. But I shall not allow him to have me until I fully have myself under control. Good on you if you can manage the new “relationship” with flying colours.

  2. I’m doing well. We ARE crazy. And that’s ok. No, I shouldn’t be ready for a relationship…but honesty my ex clocked out of ours a LONG time ago…I’ve practically not been in a relationship for a year now. And this feels extremely natural. He’s so insanely easy to talk to. I don’t know how to describe it.

    I am SO GLAD to hear you are head over heels for someone! May I inquire as to how you met said gentleman? You don’t even have to tell me who he is, I just want to know how you found him. ^_^

  3. HAHAHA OHHHH Does he know about your blog???

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