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I normally make 3 super crazy meals a day. Lately I’ve been nothing but lazy. I try to make at least one, that one normally being dinner as it’s the one I have the most time for. I feel bad that I used to have lots of beautiful pictures for all of you and now I have little to none. I will try my best to do better.

That will have to wait though as I must be at work at 7 today. So for now it’s just cereal.

I am ready to push down any other coworker that gets in my way to the door. I HAVE to be the one to answer it when G gets there. I am even ready EARLY to pounce.

He doesn’t even have time to knock before I get there. I hug him tight and tell him that I miss him all the time. He answers with “Likewise!” We’re adorable.

Antics continue at work.

I knew he’d go to the cafe to get a coffee for his first break. So while he was ordering, I swoop in, give him a kiss (on the cheek), and swoop out answering the store phone as I do so leaving him no way to give me a response.

This is our first real public display of affection at work. The cafe girl already knows we are dating so I’m certain this does not surprise her. No one else saw it.

Later, I am helping a customer and I hear a certain song come on. It is the first song to a CD that I really like but that G has told me he’s never played or heard. (His department controls what music we play overhead, we have a certain selection of around 30 CDs that we are allowed to play that month, but it is completely up to the person working that department that day as to which of those albums gets played.) My head immediately shoots up to look toward where I know he is and I say out loud “Oh you sweet sweet beautiful man, you’ve never even heard this CD, you’re playing it just for me, aren’t you?” My customer…whom I temporarily forgot I was helping, says “….are you talking to yourself?” I snap back to reality and say “Oh, um…sort of. HEY look! We have what you’re looking for!” The massive smile on my face is fucking permanent for the duration of the album. That was so so so romantic.

I say goodbye to him and give him a hug before leaving (as he doesn’t leave for another hour and  half). I start walking toward the store to buy more supplies, get about halfway there and realize I’d managed to leave my purse at work. God….dammit. So I walk back, grab my purse, walk BACK to the store, buy my items…then FINALLY start my trek home. It has been a REALLY long couple days of walking and I have to admit…I am tired.

And for the first time ever I accept a ride.

Because it is of course him. He just got off of work and sees me. He stops to pick me up. I take it. I NEVER take rides. He is honored as he knows this. He still doesn’t realize how special he is.

When he drops me off he tells me how happy he is that he got to see me for a little while longer. I hug him. I just never ever want to let him go. Ever. I tell him I probably won’t see him until Wednesday when we work again. He suggests maybe we’ll run into each other before then. I tell him I hope so…

Inspired and happy, I make an awesome dinner:

Creamy Chickpea Pasta Salad

1/4 cup Chickpeas
Corn (cut off of 1 very small cob)
Yellow Pepper, diced
Onion, diced
Garlic? (Can’t remember)
Cream Cheese
Feta Cheese
Fresh chopped Rosemary
Fresh chopped Thyme
Fresh chopped Sage
Pinch of Nutmeg
Maybe one or two other things I can’t remember…

I made pasta, I sauteed onion and I think maybe garlic in some olive oil along with the other veggies. Then at the end I added the herbs and cream cheese and spices. Mixed it all up. Topped it with feta. This was actually quite delicious, but a LOT of food. I did not finish it all.

I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow for a coworker. I do not fare well with anything at all to do with babies. Babies and everything about them scare the living fucking daylights out of me. I am going just to support my friend because I love her. And I think she wants to watch me squirm…

At least there will be cake.


Comments on: "Starting to feel bad about food laziness…" (3)

  1. MissPistachio, I shall be 100% frank with you. I think that you are hiding something from your readers and friends. I am not judging or criticising you whatsoever, but I feel that I’m a pretty good reader when it comes to these sorts of things, and being just recently out of your anorexic to bulimic stint with a few months of happy health, I feel that you’re compromising your health with restriction again. If that makes you happy, then please do it. But I don’t want for you to break up with G in a month or so, causing a bulimic rupture to occur.

    “I feel bad that I used to have lots of beautiful pictures for all of you and now I have little to none. I will try my best to do better.” – this tipped my thought iceberg after several weeks of suspicion.

    • I still state every time I eat and what I have. I just don’t have pictures because I’ve been going out to eat a lot due to dating a man who likes to take me out.

      I just haven’t MADE much lately. 😦 And I feel bad about that. I forget to take pictures of my food when I go to restaurants, and then when I GO to restaurants, I don’t make nice, crazy breakfasts in the morning because I normally eat too much when I go out. I’ll only have cereal or something boring and I don’t want to take a picture of that.

      If anything I’m embarrassed at the LARGE amount of food I’ve been consuming lately.

      I want to try to make more nice things at home again to take pictures of. I am not restricting…I’m eating too much. :/ These next 2 weeks are going to be AWFUL with that as I have like, 10 outings planned with G. I may restrict some while at home so I don’t feel bad about all the awful food I will be consuming when we go out every day for the next 14 days…

      • Please do not feel the need to justify your intake or lack thereof to me… I just know how my old patterns existed, and I’m seeing them in you based on your writings and stark differences between your old blog and new blog. (BG – AG) – Before G and after G. haha. 🙂

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