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Today for some reason started off with a great breakfast. (I know, wtf right?)


Buttermilk Peach Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

I used AB’s buttermilk pancake recipe, added peaches, and made a simple syrup with equal parts water and sugar and added blueberries. Yup. They were defuckinglicious. I like it when I manage to not fuck up pancakes.

I got a bunch of work done. I was getting picked up for this damn shower at about 2:30 as the actual shower was at 3. I know G gets off work at 4……hm…..I wonder if he plans on stopping by again….I decide to leave him a note telling him that I REFUSE to miss him twice and that if he DOES see the note to come rescue me from this baby shower. I give him detailed directions and tape it to my door. JUST in case…

I KNOW he wants to see me…

My ride arrives and I leave.

The shower wasn’t terrible. There was lots of good food and cake. Yummy yummy cake. With fondant. I LOVE that shit. I know everyone else hates it. But nothing is too sweet for me. SOOOOO good!

And there weren’t too many silly baby games or anything like that.

But I still kept an eye out JUST in case…

3 hours later, the lady who took me wanted to leave. I figured if he got off at 4 and wasn’t there by 5, he probably didn’t get my note. So I figured it was as good a time as any to leave.

About 2 blocks away from my flat I see him going the opposite direction in his car. I whip around yelling “OH SHIT!” and it scares the bajeebuz out of my driving coworker. I assure her its nothing she’s done, its just that G just passed us and I KNOW where he is going and I need to stop him. She offers me her phone, but I don’t know his number. I have to just get home, find his number, and hope to god his phone is on…

I rummage through old conversations between us on Facebook until I realize he just called me a couple weeks ago and the messages are still in my Google inbox since I have a Google Voice phone number. I find it. I call. He answers. THANK GOD!

I let him know I was taken home and am not there. He asks if he should meet me here at my flat. I say yes. We hang up. I have a certain satisfaction in all of this that he DID want to see me and he DID stop by unannounced. I grab a book and wait outside.

He shows up. We go out for coffee. And talk and talk and talk. We go to the car to find dinner but before leaving talk and talk and talk. At one point I need to assure him that I am HIGHLY attracted to him, physically, mentally, the whole package. I hold his hand as I do so. We lose track of time. It is late. A lot of restaurants will not be open this late on a Sunday. We settle on an extremely unhealthy, but very good, 24-hour joint. We go there. And eat. And talk and talk and talk. I have a burger, accidentally breaking my vegetarian streak for the rest of the month. Ah well. At least its not Monday.

We talk too much.

He decides at 10:30 that maybe we should head back to my place so he can drop me off.

We go back.

And sit in the car and talk and talk and talk.

At one point I am completely snuggled up against him, holding his hand and making myself comfortable. He asks out of nowhere “….are we crazy?” I love this question. Its so beautiful. I assure him of course that we are, but that’s okay with me. He likes this. I am happier than I have ever been in my life than in this moment.

We talk until 2:30 AM.

I finally let him go, even though he protested. ^_^ I give him a hug. I am too shy to kiss him even though I’d like that more than anything.

I sleep so very happy. I think we are a couple now.

I ate too much today. Far too much. I won’t have breakfast.



Comments on: "Unexpected dates are the BEST dates" (5)

  1. Your breakfast photograph looks divine!!!
    Everything is beautiful with blueberries and Maple syrup!
    And I fully support “no breakfast tomorrow” if you feel like a fatty.
    But I do not support unhealthfulness.
    You know what I mean.

    • Thank you! I was very happy with them as well!

      Girl, at this baby shower I ate 2 tuna finger sandwiches, 2 pulled pork FULL sandwiches, a big serving of cheesy potatoes, 3 different pasta salads, a strawberry shortcake, a ton of these little cookies with key lime dip and 2 pieces of cake. On top of munching on cheese squares. THEN I went out to eat with G and had a guacamole burger and fries (though I only ate half my fries). I ate all that ON TOP of those pancakes. I ate TOO MUCH! And I’ve been doing that SO much lately…:(

      I promised him I would have breakfast, and then I didn’t. I was just not up for it when I woke up. I only had 3 hours of sleep and I still felt full from all that food. If anything, I’m being unhealthy in the opposite direction of over-indulging. Bad…but I am very happy…

      • Not bad…
        but just don’t become a fatty. 😉
        LOL. JK.
        Seriously, I want you to be happy. I know that emerging from a divorce is hard, but I think you’re much too smart to allow that to jeopardise your health and everything else. Unfortunately, sometimes, the eating disorder is a result of our smartness and desire to be THE BEST. Just don’t fuck up your body, or else I shall come and fuck you up. 🙂 No wait. Gwendolyn shall. hahaha you don’t want that! x x x

  2. I know. And he worries about me when I don’t eat too. I tell him. I tell him everything. I never ever told my ex ANYTHING. He had no idea I HAD an ED let alone if I ate or not at all. He didn’t care.

    I won’t be a fatty. I need to balance my meals a lot better though. This is getting crazy. I have to go dress shopping tomorrow and feel HUGE. 😦 I’m not, at all, but I feel that way.

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