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This whole having to open at work after being up till 3 AM has sort of got to stop.

But really it doesn’t.

I had no breakfast.

I went to work. No G. Lucky bastard gets to sleep in. He doesn’t have to be here till 3:15.

I was happy though. Very very happy.

I cannot remember what I had for lunch. Soup of some sort I’m sure. Hopefully without meat. Or maybe I did not have lunch. I very honestly can’t remember.

I get to see G for a total of 5 seconds as he is late. Typical. ^_^

He brings me a cupcake. Because he knows the way to my heart and uses it well. You guys don’t even know.

I walk home and finish a project. I wanted to mail it out by a certain time but this does not happen. It will have to be mailed tomorrow.

I make dinner. (I actually HAVE dinner…that’s good.)

Chickpea Salad

REALLY easy. Add chickpeas into a bowl. Add corn cut off the cob. Add yellow peppers and onions, diced. Add a carrot, sliced. Add a little apple cider vinegar, ginger dressing, dried parsley and basil. This was really cool and refreshing on a hot summers day! GREAT!

I go nerd out at the movies with my brother and sister in law. We go to the 25th Anniversary TNG 2 episode screening. It. Was. Amazing.

Day off work tomorrow, but not off of business work. I have to get a major project finished. It’s always something right? When will I ever get a REAL day off? (Maybe Thursday?)

Exercise: 7 hours at retail job, 4 mile walk

Comments on: "Opening" (2)

  1. Ha! It’ll be the day when I forget my consumption! I can tell you what I ate dating back to 1999 probably!!! Your dinner looks absolutely positively freaking delicious. I am craving it now, in fact! #StarbucksOpensIn56Minutes. #KINDbar. Will probably buy two!!!

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