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3 Hours

I finish that project. I love getting my work done!

I eat about half a cup of cereal. My heart is never much into eating the day before a big date.

I start walking to my retail job and am a little late leaving my flat. Luckily, a fellow coworker who lives just up the street stops to pick me up and take me. He offers all the time, I hardly ever actually take it. I will make an exception so I can make myself presentable and have a tiny speck of time with G before having to work myself.

I run back to his department and throw my arms around him. It always feels as though I haven’t seen him in forever. We chat for just a couple minutes…I actually DO have to get to work. I get 3 whole hours with him today.

He just so happens to be leaving while I am on my last break. I run to him in the breakroom and give him another huge hug (in front of another coworker even…who finds the attack irresistibly “awww”able!). We plan a time to meet tomorrow for our concert date. I am SO VERY excited! I hold him tight one last time before having to go back to work.

Before I leave, I get the most amazing compliment from a coworker, completely out of left field.

“I don’t know what you and G are to each other, but I do know that he is SO MUCH HAPPIER since you’ve been in his life…”

I wanted to cry. Has he been showing his happiness that much? So much that others have taken notice? I feel honoured.

I leave and go shopping. I had a dress picked out, but when I put it on, I ended up not liking it much…and for $40 I’d better LOVE that dress.  If I look at myself in it and am not in awe of my own beauty whilst wearing it, it is not worth purchasing.

I go to the store next door and after an EXTENSIVE search find a very similar Rockabilly style dress, same colors and pattern, for $20. HALF the price I was going to pay for the other one. And I look stunning in it. I buy it.

I head to Victoria’s Secret and buy 2 lotions and a body spray. One of the lotions is for a close friend whom I will mail it to soon. I decide on a White Nectarine Peony lotion and a Starfruit White Orchid body spray for myself.

I walk home, throw my bookbag on the floor, take out my dress to hang, and RUN to my brother’s house as I am about an hour late. Did it take me THAT LONG to find a dress?

I do my nails. I temporarily forget what color my dress is (navy blue? black?) and do my nails the wrong color. Which ends up being okay because I fucked them up on the way home somehow anyway. Bah. VICTORY watching Food Network Star as the person that I just KNEW was going to win from the beginning actually ends up winning.

So tomorrow is going to consist of 3 very important things:

1) Find Rockabilly heels. If none can be found, wear $100 nude heels that were purchased for London trip but never worn. (The ones that make my legs look a mile long.)

2) Buy teal nail polish. Re-do nails.

3) Kiss G.

I do not have dinner. I’ve been so busy and, of course, so very very nervous.

Exercise: Probably about a 3 mile walk when you piece it all together.

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