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Except me of course!

(In case anyone ever wondered, that is the song I got my name from!)

I ran a little late getting ready for my friend to come pick me up. He is one of my longest friends, one of my best friends. So we’re used to catching each other in some awkward situations.

Like when I have to answer the door in a towel.

Well if SOMEONE wasn’t distracting me on the computer, I would have been ready…~_^ Okay okay, so it was my own fault…I could have ignored him. But that’s just not happening. Ever.

I throw on some clothes, quickly clean up my flat (which my friend has a difficult time wrapping his head around the fact that my place MUST be clean BEFORE I leave it completely empty for a day) and head off to he and his fiance’s place for the day.

We proceed to become rather intoxicated for the rest of the day.

We watch a WONDERFUL movie called “Stranger Than Fiction”. Fantastic story and acting! I am normally not much of a Will Farrel fan, but this was an actual serious role for him. And it was GOOD!

Then we watched The Running Man. I haven’t done so much laughing since the last night I spent out of town with G.

After that was about 5 hours of Archer. CANNOT go wrong with that show! I’m also in love with Jon Benjamin. He’s got great eyes.

And of course the entire night I wished that G had enabled texting on his phone so I could drunk message him…

Thank fucking God he doesn’t have texting enabled on his phone.

I didn’t eat a whole lot. Being an any form of altered state normally does not leave me very hungry. I did finally eat a beautifully prepared vegetarian dinner provided by my amazing friend. She can cook rather well. When I got home I ate a small bowl of ice cream (as usual) and a few pieces of dried mango and a handful of raisins.

At about midnight I get a very sweet, beautiful phone call from a very sweet, beautiful man wishing me sweet dreams. He is just getting off of work and wanted to talk to me before going home… I am blown away at how wonderful he is. I realize I have been treated like shit by every boyfriend I ever had up until now.



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  1. What did you drink? ๐Ÿ˜€

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