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Everything was lovely today!

My eating was lovely.

The weather was lovely.

The city we drove to was uninhibitedly lovely.

And of course he was lovely.

I did make a breakfast, but fucked it up. I was so disappointed in it that I didn’t take pics. They were muffins, but they didn’t rise and I didn’t eat all of them. I would say that it was the only not-lovely part of my day, but as it turns out he fucked up his breakfast too. That made me feel better about it. It also reminded me how alike we are. And how lovely we are together.

For lunch/dinner I had a 6” avocado sub with turkey from Subway, no mayo, and pepperjack cheese. I actually looked up the calorie count to this later and I don’t know why. I shouldn’t be doing that. (It was 400 in case you are wondering….which you shouldn’t be)

The event was WONDERFUL! We had SO much fun! There’s no one else I’d rather spend my time with. Seriously. No one.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream. Somewhere around midnight. Because we are insane.

I gave him a goodnight kiss when we got home and sent him on his way as he had to be up for work early yet again. Next time he won’t have to. He’ll have the day off. Thank. God. Maybe we won’t have to be in such a damn rush. I hate leaving him. I hate it.

I also wish he would just stay here. Why won’t he stay here? There’s no sex involved, I swear. It will be PURELY for sleeping. I promise. I just don’t want him going away.



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