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I don’t know what happened.

One second I was helping a customer and the next I’m crying on the floor in MASSIVE amounts of pain.

I’m pretty used to foot cramps. I get them every single morning. I know how to fix them and they don’t really bother me at all.

This was a thousand times worse. This cramp left me completely debilitated. I couldn’t stand. My brain couldn’t focus because I was in so much pain. My customers didn’t know what to do for me. My coworkers didn’t know what to do for me. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get the pain to stop. I can always get these to stop. Why won’t this stop?

I cried. I never cry. I hate showing any form of weakness.

As much as I wished he was there to just touch me and tell me I’d be okay, I’m glad he wasn’t there to see me cry.

This happened 3 times.

I kept having to get help at the cash registers because I would fall in a crumpled mess on the floor and literally could do nothing at all about it. I almost messed up a huge transaction and had to get my drawer counted because I was so blinded with pain that I fucked up. When I could finally stand, I would walk around the store a few times until the pain subsided enough that I could stand in one spot without aggravating it. Then go back to work.

I really wish I could understand what was going on. I’ve never ever had anything like that happen to me before. I didn’t know what to tell my managers. Everyone was incredibly understanding and did their best to help.


Southwestern-style Scrambled Eggs

Eggs scrambled with fresh corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, chives, garlic and chili powder topped with shredded cheddar cheese and salsa.


Peach Cucumber Salad

This was taken from a website, but I seem to have lost it…its super easy though! Just dice up some cucumber, slice up some peaches, chop up some fresh mint and basil and toss everything with lemon juice! I also added a pinch of salt. VERY refreshing!

And I don’t know why, but my foot cramp lead to a small binge.

Not anything substantial. But enough to be slightly annoying.

I bought a Mediterranean quiche at work and a banana. I thought the potassium might help my foot. I then decided I wanted something from the vending machine. So I bought a small package of peanut butter cookies. Then I wanted another cookie. So I bought a big chocolate chunk cookie from the cafe. Then I decided I wanted a Hostess Apple Pie from the vending machine. Hm. Okay. Well. It could be worse I guess. And when I went home a few hours later I had some granola and yogurt with peaches. I stopped eating when I was full and didn’t want any more. It was nowhere near the point of uncomfortable or a real binge. But all in all I think I was just in physical pain and wanted to make myself feel better with sweets.

I probably won’t have breakfast in the morning.


Comments on: "Pain" (6)

  1. I enjoyed reading this, not because of your pain, but because of your honesty of eating outside of your comfort zone. We all know that feeling! But you totally succeeded in avoiding the unthinkable.

    • I….MOSTLY succeeded. I did feel better. I was just so miserable and in so much pain I would do anything to make myself feel better. I don’t NORMALLY turn to food for this though. Hell normally when I’m upset/miserable I STOP eating entirely. So I’m not sure what to think of this. 😦

  2. Actually I’d say the ‘binge’ might be a response to anxiety as well as pain? I really hope your foot doesn’t trouble you again – could it be related to all of the walking and standing you do? It sounds a bit like plantar fascitis to me, because that’s excruciating. If it was that I’d suggest rolling the underside of your foot with a frozen bottle of water…I wish I could be more helpful!

    • Yeah one of my coworkers suggested it could be all the walking I do…but it hasn’t happened since that day! So I’m hoping the problem has sort of fixed itself? Maybe? I always assume problems fix themselves…which is probably bad.

  3. Just some guy said:

    I love all your recipes and your photographs all make my mouth water! I don’t think I’ve ever cruised another site where at *every* food entry I said “oh yum!”. I really mean this. I think our taste in food is like totally congruent.

    • I will have more actual recipes again soon! My life has been a crazy spiral of events and I’ve been going out to eat so often lately, I need to get back onto the cooking-every-day bandwagon!

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