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I finally went out this morning and invested in a pair of flats.

AFTER breakfast of course:

I like this picture being off to the side. Also, this bread is FANFUCKINGTASTIC. You’ve no idea! It’s called English Toasting Bread and it’s so good I want to kick a baby in the face after I eat it.

I love this bread SO MUCH that for lunch I had 2…TWO sandwiches! What the…really? Wow. Hey, it’s reeeeeeeeally good bread.

So there were many reasons for me to invest in flats as it was. G is shorter. My foot was cramping so bad the other day I wanted to cut it off. This should help both situations! I showed them off immediately when he got here by giving him an eye-level kiss.

We got coffee and I listened to him talk about how disappointed he’d been in work lately. Our manager is leaving us and he didn’t even know. So I had to break it to him. Then he was even MORE depressed about work because that manager is the best thing that ever happened to our store. By far. And we’ve both been working there for a long time. There’s so much he wants to do. He wants to write. I encourage him to do so. I’ve followed my passions with my business, he can do the same thing. The only thing that holds people back from their passions is a fear of failure. KNOW that you can do it and you can succeed! He told me that I’m right. I like hearing this from a guy. I was never right before. About anything. Hehe.

We go to our movie and I snuggle him and hold his hand the entire time. It was wonderful! The movie was wonderful! Everything was amazing! We’re too fucking cute. We went to Steak & Shake afterwards to split a dinner and dessert. We do this a lot. I swear I ate other food during this day, but can’t remember what I had…

I did my best to let him leave early enough so he’d get enough sleep. This is always very hard to do. We have to be up at 5 AM to be at work in the morning. Then we go out again. ^_^

I apologize that there are no pictures of food. I need to start remembering to bring my camera when we go out…he knows why I take pictures of everything I make. So it wouldn’t be odd to him to see me start to take pictures of my dinners when we go out as well. I think I will.

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