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Love + Family + Food

Our plans got somewhat changed today. It was raining all day and we were supposed to go to a fair that was offering hot air balloon rides. Well….no sane person is going to send up patrons in the rain. So it was sort of pointless for us to go to the fair.

Luckily I had a back up plan. I’d bought a Groupon for a really good local restaurant the other day and figured we could use that. I called up my brother to ask if we could go to his house to print it as I have no printer. He not only accepted my request but asked if we could make it a “double-date” as he really wanted to meet G. So they came with us! All went extremely well. They loved him, he absolutely ADORED them. We drank a TON of coffee and ate a TON of food. I had: onion rings, a lobster dish with lemon cream sauce and a puff pastry on rice, and we split a crazy dessert of strawberry ice cream, flourless chocolate cake and creme brulee. We were something else. My sister in law said we were absolutely adorable to watch from across the table. I’m so glad they all like each other. SO glad.

As a joke when we got back to the car I’d said something about getting coffee. (We were already on a complete caffeine high from all the coffee we just drank…) We laughed and started off toward home. Then he asked if I seriously wanted to get coffee. I said yes. Hehe. We stopped and got more coffee. And talked and talked and talked.

We eventually end up back at my apartment. Goodbye kisses always last far too long. And in a caffeine-and-sleep-deprived induced momentary lapse of reason, I finally told him I loved him. I was so incredibly nervous I was visibly shaking. He told me he loved me. I was so relieved and shaking so hard that I had to grab onto him to get myself to stop convulsing. We didn’t want to leave each other after that. I finally exited the car at around 2 AM.

Life is good.


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