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Yep. That was my day.

No pictures of anything of course because I suck.

And I ate so badly its RIDICULOUS. I mean absolutely ridiculous.

I went to work in the morning and discovered that someone brought cupcakes (probably extras from a baby shower celebration). I ate 3 of them. THREE!!! This was breakfast.

Then for lunch I didn’t want to be tempted to eat more cupcakes, so I had 2 cups of soup from the cafe. This would assure that I would be full enough NOT to want more food. It worked. Thank fucking god.

Then I was  joined at work by a friend I haven’t seen in a little while! We went out for Asian cuisine and I got the Pad Thai. I ate every last bit of it. Then we wandered to Target where I bought 2…TWO KING SIZED candy bars because they were on sale. I ate them both while we awaited her boyfriend to come pick us up. I mentioned something about Steak & Shake, and my friend decided she wanted a milkshake from there. SOOOOOOO we went to Steak & Shake and I got a Butter Pecan milkshake and, you guessed it, drank the entire thing.

Since this was all spanned across many hours, I did not feel bad or get sick or feel too full or anything. I was fine. Just the idea that I ate SO much junk today sorta put me off. I will not be eating tomorrow. That’s that.


Comments on: "Friends, cupcakes, candy and milkshakes" (2)

  1. When you say “junk” do you say it from a calorie perspective? Volume perspective? Or food quality perspective?

    • Calorie + Nutritional content. Nothing in any of that has any redeeming qualities whatsoever nutritionally and is nothing but empty calories. Food quality could be amazing and would still be junk to my body. And the amount of it doesn’t matter as it is still junk to my body whether I eat just a little junk or a lot.

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