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A going-out food picture!

Only took me a million years to get one of these!

I had cereal for breakfast, simply so I wouldn’t be too hungry when the evening hit.

He took me to an antique store (where I promptly broke something and acted like I didn’t…) and I found 2 things that I really really want. One is $35 and one is $150. I can afford neither at the moment. Here’s hoping they are both still there in the future. We do plan on going back on Monday, so maybe…

When G and I get to talking, we forget everything else. On our way to a particular restaurant (which was about a 20 minute drive away), we talk so much that he forgot to go to the bank back in his town. Whoops. So we have to turn around and drive back. I love that we can distract each other so much just by talking. We fascinate each other to the point of mind numbing apparently. I like this. I do not care that our dinner has been delayed by about an hour. I just want to talk with him more.


This pic was taken SPECIFICALLY for Nicole! I wanted to showcase the ketchup for her! I realize it doesn’t look like there’s a lot there, but I used more! Don’t worry!

Ribs, cole slaw, fries (with ketchup!) and a roll. He also bought me a rum drink. This place was FANTASTIC! I loved it! I can’t wait to go back!

Then we went for ice cream which of course, I was so excited about I failed to take a picture of. Bah. 😦 But I had a big waffle cone with Praline Pecan and Toffee Caramel Crunch. Absolute heaven on a cone.

Everything about this day was beautiful. I love food and I love experiencing food with him. We’re going to get so fat together…

I’m trying not to.


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