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I made him sad.

I made him worry.

I spent the whole morning walking to 3 different places shopping for a cookie pan so that I could make him those snickerdoodles that he wanted. It takes me 2 hours. When I get home I get a call from him.

He’s trying so hard to be calm, but I can tell he’s panicking entirely. He saw that my ex-idiot had been added to the “attending” list for the event that we were going to today on Facebook.

Now I noticed right when this happened. He accepted the invite to go the second after I did. Now, he wasn’t doing this to start trouble. He had NO idea I was even dating G or had a boyfriend at all. He donates money to the organization putting on the event and gets invited to these things often because of that. He attends them often as well. It was not out of character whatsoever. But when I saw him the next day to move some more shit out of the house I did respectfully request that he leave us alone if he goes. I mention that we are going because our friend is in the event and we were going to support her. I imply that a ton of my friends were going to be there and offhandedly suggested maybe he shouldn’t go at all because he would not be welcome there.

I did not want to worry G about this. I didn’t mention anything because I did not want to needlessly worry him when there was nothing to worry about. The ex was not showing up. So there wasn’t reason to say anything right?  Except that goddamn Facebook invite acceptance….I didn’t even think that he might see that and worry.

The poor man.

I assured him over and over that the ex was NOT showing up. I felt SO terrible. I felt absolutely awful making him sad or worried or upset at all for any reason. He timidly suggested that maybe he ought not go if there was any chance of a confrontation. I explained to him that the ex might be an idiot, but his intentions of going to the event were NOT to start trouble as he genuinely did not know I was dating anyone. But that it didn’t matter as he wasn’t going anyway. I was able to talk G down out of his panic so he could go back to work not worrying about anything. We were still going.

I visited him at work and brought him snickerdoodles (which were a surprise to him even though I TOLD him I was making them for him the day before, silly man) and he was in much higher spirits and everything was fine. But who can be sad when someone brings you fresh-baked cookies?

We went to a Mexican place at the spur of the moment that we’d never been to. It was EXCELLENT and of course I forgot to take pictures. I had my camera. I always have it. My mind just goes to complete mush when I go out to eat apparently.

We went to our event, which I was certain to hold his hand and enter the place first to sort of assure him that everything was okay. We went, we had a blast talking with our friends, someone brought cupcakes. I had 3 of them. Hehe. Nowhere near as good as mine, but still, they were cupcakes. So I had to have some.

We walked over to the art museum afterwards and had a wonderful time talking about pieces and making up stories about the people in them. It was incredible and we were laughing so hard. I love laughing with him.

Later when we were at home, he admitted to me that he’d gotten very little sleep the night before due to his concern over the pending possible situation with my ex. I felt TERRIBLE. He lost sleep over it??? Oh the poor darling! I let him know I will ALWAYS take care of those sorts of situations and he should never worry about them. I give him much credit for approaching me about it though. It takes a lot of courage to do that. And it means we communicate well enough that he was comfortable letting me know how he felt. THAT made me happy. I’m proud of him.

I am sorry that I don’t even have pictures of my beautiful cookies. I normally ALWAYS take pictures of my baked goods. I’m so scatterbrained lately. I’m so sorry.

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