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Yup. I have really dark hickeys all up my neck.


How the hell am I supposed to hide these in the summertime?? I can’t exactly wear a turtleneck or scarf. Uhhhhhg. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it would be nice if there was SOME way of covering them so I at least don’t have to showcase them to everyone at work. Well, I don’t work for another 4 days…perhaps they will be gone by then?

Not likely…


I had a boring sandwich for lunch.

My brother and sister-in-law took me out to a festival later in the evening. Indian food!!!! Life is GOOD! I had a bunch of food. I can’t remember what most of it was, but I had a dessert dish that was simply FANTASTIC and I HAD to know what it was. The men selling the food at the table were nothing but sweet and courteous. They offered to write down the name of the dish for me so I could look it up later! SO sweet! It was called Gulab Jamun and you WILL see it here eventually. Complete with pictures.

I was glad my family was okay with being seen out in public with me regardless of the obvious battle wounds on my neck. They were sweet and didn’t say anything about it. I’m sure eeeeeveryone at the Festival of India noticed though. I mean, it’s pretty bad.

Yeah. I love him.

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