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Catered dinner!

This is the very first time someone ELSE has cooked for me in my apartment!

G came over at 7:30 AM (told you) to start a roast in a crock pot for us.

He was just so cute all I do was sit there and watch him. I think he enjoys the attention.

He threw in a pot roast, an onion (for me because he knows I like them), some potatoes and some baby carrots. He gave me lots of kisses and was on his way to work! I really liked having him here in the morning. It was fantastic.

I did not eat breakfast this day. Was busy watching G and then got distracted with work. Completely forgot about it.

I DID, on the other hand, have lunch:

Another boring PB&J sammich. But boring is okay!

When he came back after work, we just sat up here and talked and talked for a couple of hours waiting for the roast to finish. I taught him how to make a gravy from the drippings. It was SO COOL to get to cook with him. I loved every goddamn second of it. It was the first time I’ve ever cooked with my significant other.

And then I promptly forgot to take a picture of dinner.


I know, I know, God if I couldn’t be any more scatterbrained…

He also kicked himself for forgetting. It was really good though!!! He did a great job! We ate a TON of food!

Then went out for milkshakes.


We are just something else…

Being that we are both working together tomorrow and get off of work at around the same time, I offered to make HIM dinner! This will be, not only the first time I’ve (intentionally) made dinner for someone else in my apartment, but the first time that I have EVER cooked dinner specifically for someone else. I am a little nervous, but have picked a recipe that I’ve sort of done before…but am going to do it slightly differently. Sweet & Sour Chicken.

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