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I did not have breakfast. I had to be up at 5 AM and was just not into making anything. I vowed to at least have something for lunch at work.

I had a cup of Italian Wedding soup there.

We went out shopping for a last couple of ingredients after work. Some white wine, some pineapple, and some ginger rounded up my final ingredients.

Then it was off to cook!

I would say “little did I know…” but I know. By now I know. Cooking always turns into a complete fiasco with me. And it took 2 hours to make 2 servings of dinner.

My biggest issue was water in my hot oil. The chicken needed to be deep-fried. Which isn’t an issue, I can just fill a pan with some oil and throw the chicken into it. But there was a little water in it and it EXPLODED! TWICE! I mean, it was pretty cool. But hot oil went EVERYWHERE! Oh my…I’m sure I was at least entertaining if nothing else!

One of my other issues was that the chicken I had was bone-in. So I had to de-bone all of it first. That sort of took forever.

THEN I double-dredged all of the chicken. So I dredged the pieces in egg, then cornstarch, then egg again, then cornstarch again. This would hopefully ensure ridiculously crispy chicken. I wasn’t sure as I’d never done it before! I was really nervous. It also took forever.

I had to turn the heat on my oil down so low due to the explosions, I was afraid my chicken wouldn’t cook properly. It wasn’t. What should have taken 3 minutes took around 10-15. BUT it did finally cook. I also felt safe to turn the heat back up for round 2 of chicken. Those only took about 5-8 minutes to cook so that was much better. But the process was all ridiculously long.

2 hours later we finally had dinner:

Sweet & Sour Stir Fry with RIDICULOUSLY Crispy Chicken

When I get this down pat, I will post a recipe. I did my usual sweet and sour sauce that I’ve used before, I’m certain if you search it you will find it.

This was his portion. It was a lot prettier than mine. I’m sure I subconsciously did that purposefully.

He made absolutely certain that I got a picture. He was so sweet to wait just a LITTLE longer since I wanted to take a picture of his dish.

I was also INCREDIBLY nervous as I’d hoped that it tasted good.

He said it was wonderful. ^_^ I was so happy. I can’t wait to cook for him again! It’s so weird to have someone who really appreciates my cooking. I’m excited for the future.

I did my best to let him go at a reasonable time tonight as he has to work in the morning again and he CANNOT be late. I hope he makes it on time. It’s so hard to let him go. Just SO hard.

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