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I went to the Renaissance Faire today with my family!

I had breakfast at my brother’s. These amazing little scrambled egg wrap up things with hot sauce and ketchup. Nicole would be proud. BUT I forgot my camera entirely, so no pictures today.

I had marinara and rotini at the faire in a bread bowl. I didn’t eat all of the bread as I ran into my ex-idiot and lost my appetite. He unpleasantly informed me that we’re still not technically divorced yet. That he still has to go to court and sign some papers. We probably won’t be divorced till October.

So I gave him a hug and told him “Happy Anniversary.”

Yup. Today’s the day. We’ve technically been married 6 years today.

I legitimately had no idea we were still married. Bleh. At least it won’t be for much longer. He seems unhappy with the fact that I’ve moved on. He became unconventionally quiet the couple of times I mentioned G. He did not mention his girlfriend at all. Odd.

*Slight update* I just learned that he specifically told his girlfriend that she wasn’t invited to the faire that day. He tried to play it off like he forgot it was our anniversary. He remembered. The couple of friends that I have who were with him all day mentioned that he was really quiet all day. He wouldn’t accept any drinks. What an idiot. He realizes he’s messed up bad.

I also got a gigantic brownie, which I shared with the other girls. I got merlot fudge (for free!) which I also shared, but really ate most of it myself. AND I got a truffle that I ate all myself.

When I got home, I reheated that baked mac and cheese I made about a week ago. I also had ice cream. As usual. So even though I did eat a lot of sweets, I did share most of them. It’s definitely the best way to eat them! You not only get your sugar fix, but spread the joy to others as well!

Tomorrow, tofu shawarma at my brother’s!!


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