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Hey today is working out super well! Going to have shawarma today with some friends, turns out it’s TOFU shawarma since one of them is a vegetarian! What luck for a Meatless Monday!


I knew I was having a big lunch so I tried to keep it simple with breakfast. Just some raisin bran!


I totally suck and got no pictures of the awesome shawarma. Booooooo! It was FANTASTIC too! The tofu had been marinading in these awesome spices for days and we ate 3 blocks of it!! It was baked in the oven for about an hour and OH man was it so good!

In between, we went and had ice cream. Yup. I will never in my life at any time ever turn down ice cream.


Ranch Broccoli, Mushrooms and Whole Wheat Penne

Some weird concoction I came up with.

Mushrooms, cut into chunks
Ranch Dip mix, I dunno maybe…1.5 T?
Butter…maybe 1 T?
A large dollop of Greek Yogurt
S&P to taste
Feta Cheese
Pine Nuts
Olive Oil

Sautee the veggies together in olive oil. Make the pasta as instructed. Add the butter, mix dip and yogurt to the pasta. Add the cooked veggies to the pasta and mix well. Throw on some feta cheese and pine nuts. I liked this a lot! I would make it again!

Then I had ice cream again. Ice cream twice in one day? I’ve done worse I suppose…just need to watch myself a bit more.



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