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Yes, well, you see I’d actually planned on skipping breakfast entirely due to the fact that I had ice cream TWICE yesterday. I also went on an earlier walk than usual to try and get shit done.

Things only….mildly turned out as planned.

I left early, I did buy supplies and get SOME shit done…but not nearly as much as I’d hoped.

I stopped in at work. Our favorite retired coworker was there having coffee with a friend! So of course I HAD to stop and visit with her! On top of that, I wasn’t the only employee who was NOT actually working who was there! Another coworker of mine stopped in and we all hung out in the cafe chatting away! I eventually excuse myself to go visit G back in his department. I let him know our favorite retiree was there and told him I’d stick around until his break at 10:30. He eventually gets his break (someone was late in relieving him) and he joins us in the cafe. BAD idea. He also has not had breakfast and eyes the bake case. He asks me if I want to split something with him. I told him about the double ice cream incident last night and figured I ought to not worry about breakfast. He INSISTS I shouldn’t skip eating and asks what I want. I suggest a blueberry muffin, but he thinks those would be too hard to share. So he goes for an oreo cake. OREO CAKE! Dear lord god, seriously? For breakfast? Does he WANT me to gain a million pounds?

But…I love cookies and I love cake….so I am hard pressed to argue when handed a fork. GAH!

We do have fun though eating and chatting. I miss him all of the time.

I mention that I have to go grocery shopping, but that everything I need to get is heavy or fragile. Milk, vegetable oil, ice cream, eggs, a jug of spring water (for him), peanut butter, a bag of sugar…you know, HEAVY stuff that’s going to be a bit difficult to carry on my back since I have to walk everywhere. He volunteers to drive me to the grocery after work. Sweet. I get to go to Aldi’s and save a crapton of money. I am pretty ecstatic.

He also insists I have lunch at the slightly more expensive market by munching on some samples while checking out prices. So I did. I didn’t go overboard with the bread at least like I did last time. And they run out of some things by the time I got there, like the meats. Thank god. So I mostly had fruits, veggies, and cheese.

I walked home and made a sandwich:

and had some homemade applesauce:



Worked for a while. Then got picked up around 5:30.

Shopping with G is always fun. We tend to amuse others around us greatly. I don’t know what it is, but get us together and we’re adorably scatterbrained, clumsy and forgetful. Other people think it’s adorable.

We decide at the second store we go to that we ought to make SOMETHING for dinner. I HATE this idea, but I suggest something fast. Like a….boxed meal. *DIES A LITTLE INSIDE!* But it’s late and I know he is REALLY hungry. I can live without food, but he can’t. So we get a chicken alfredo boxed…thing…and I make it when we get home. We eat it (and I forget to take pictures…sheesh…) and decide it wasn’t all that grand. I want to make it up to him by making him something REAL the following night. He accepts my offer.

I get to make dinner for him 2 nights in a row. I win.

Life is good.

Exercise: Early morning 5 mile walk

Comments on: "Oreo Cakes for breakfast (UHG!)" (2)

  1. One day I need to fly over there (or pay for you to come to the UK) so you can make me one of your PB&J sandwiches, portioning out the appropriate amounts. They always look so good, so perfect, and even though I marvel at all of your amazing and elaborate recipes I still desire that PB&J the most of all. I would be willing to put up with the gluten-induced agony because it would be more than worth it!

    • I had cut out bread nearly entirely when I was restricting. I would eat only 35-calorie-a-slice bread. As soon as I decided that this whole restricting thing is crap, I went out and bought a HUGE loaf of fresh baked Italian bread and just reveled in it! So I ADORE real bread. I have it here 24/7. It is an essential. So I make a lot of sammiches!!! ^_^

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