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Today my sweetheart took me to the Greek American Festival downtown! We went early since he had to work in the late afternoon , so it wasn’ t terribly busy or anything. I’d skipped breakfast since I knew that we would end up having things like gyros and fries and whatnot. I also wasn’t especially hungry this morning.

We were approached at some point about a raffle for an incredibly large TV. I entered because I have no TV. I’d like to think that maybe just ONCE in my life I’ll actually win something. I never do. I win at life, love, and being awesome every day. Winning “stuff” just isn’t my brand of luck’s forte. But what the hell? I’ll try anyway!

I ended up also buying us greek coffee and a dessert! Though I failed to get a picture of my gyro, I did remember to go back and take a picture of the gorgeous cakes!

We shared one of these beauties! He wasn’t certain that he’d ever had kiwi before, and he LOVED it! So now I need to learn to make stuff with kiwi in it! YAY for new cooking challenges!

I used to date someone who went to the Greek Orthodox church that the festival is held at. I LOVE the inside of this church! It’s absolutely beautiful! I was DREAMING about going back inside this church and seeing everything again! Luckily, they had a talk and self-guided tour inside the church that we did! YESSSS! While we were in there we got our pictures taken for the city paper. We’ll see if we make it!

We went to our work to have coffee and hang out and talk before he had to work. I bought a small pumpkin spice latte (300 cals, I used to have entire meals that were 300 cals!), and at one point we were laughing so hard together, the whole place got kinda quiet. We are seriously sickeningly cute together.

I walked to buy some things I needed. I walked back to work on my way home because I forgot to tell him something super important! I whispered “I love you!” into his ear and left just as quickly as I reappeared.

I made it home and got online. OH YEAH! I’d completely forgotten! A friend was having a birthday party today…..AND my sister in law was making cupcakes. YUP! Need to find a way to this party!!

My brother and the birthday boy came to pick me up! How sweet of them! I could have walked there in oh, 20 minutes…he doesn’t live far. My sister in law is also a cupcake connoisseur, so I KNOW her cakes are TOP NOTCH! I was sooooooo excited to try them! There were also burgers and chips and potato salad and beer and….god I hope I didn’t plan on eating healthy today…

I had 4 cuppycakes, yes I did. They were SO INCREDIBLY delish! I was literally having dreams about this recipe! Luckily she gave it to me!!! I also ate 2 burgers, potato salad, raspberries with chocolate chips inside them, and some chips and cheese dip. Then during our game of Nuclear War, I sorta mindlessly munched on White Cheddar Cheese-Its. I had 2 beers and a gin and tonic. Sheesh, when I throw my diet out the window, it’s fucking GONE.

The birthday boy sent me home with a few burgers. I figured I could chop them up and add them to some recipes! YAY free food! I’ll actually have some form of meat this week! WOO!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better with food. I HAVE to get back on the wagon here. I’ve been eating WAY WAY too much junk food! I haven’t visited the gym in months (that was expected though, I didn’t plan on going for most of the summer due to the fact that I’ve been walking everywhere), and I also haven’t done my yoga in weeks (that is not intentional).

Here’s hoping.

Exercise: 3 mile walk

*I’ve discovered something interesting. This whole time, this entire summer, when I was writing that I took a 5 mile walk, it was actually a 6 mile walk. Holy. Shit.




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