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My head just isn’t working sometimes.

I’ve sort of been “off” a day this week already. I was completely convinced all day that it was STILL SUNDAY. What the….BRAIN! Why do you hate me???

So when it came time for my break at work, I had Chicken Tortilla soup! What the hell, brain?? IT’S MONDAY!!!

So since I fucked that up entirely, I just threw meat into my dinner too. I’ll make up for it all tomorrow of course. I’ll kick my brain’s ass later.



I combined 2 leftover sauces to make this. The rest of the manicotti sauce and the rest of that chili-mac style sauce. Yep, just threw it all together, reheated it with a chopped up burger patty, and INSTANT amazing! Just needed something fast so I could get other work done.

I worked SO hard today. I worked at my retail job all morning. Went shopping for supplies. Walked home and got to work on another project. I didn’t get it completely finished. I may have quite possibly taken on too much this week. I’m still convinced I can do it! I never give up!

Exercise: 6 mile walk


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