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MUMM AKA Tuesday

At least I remember to make it up when I screw up.

I started work really early today. I had to be at my retail job at noon so it was essential that I accomplished as much as I could before going in. Once that sun goes down, sometimes I have a hard time keeping my eyes open and real work eludes me in favour of sleep.

I received a very welcome phone call at around 10. My work asked me if I would like to come in much later with the intention of closing instead of a mid-shift that takes up my entire fucking day. Um….YES!

So I accomplished much in this time. I felt a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. Things are looking up! Maybe I’ll get a dinner date at the end of the week after all!





For dinner I had a cup of black bean soup from the cafe. I was working so hard all day that I really just…didn’t care about food. YOU KNOW my day is stressful when I stop caring about food!

Heaven help us all.

I ended up walking home tonight as no one offered me a ride. G was very disappointed in our other employees for their apparent lack of concern for my safety. I told him they were probably just tired and wanted to go home, so it didn’t cross their minds. They’re not TRYING to be dicks. I did get an awfully splendid, starry night walking experience. Which always makes me overly happy. I love night walking.

Exercise: 4 mile walk.

Comments on: "MUMM AKA Tuesday" (2)

  1. I also love night walking… especially when the weather is cold!

    • You already know how I feel about cold weather! *dreading!* BUT I do still love Autumn even though it gets chillier! It’s my favourite season! SO maybe I’ll get away with doing a couple of night walks this season before it gets too cold? We’ll see! ^_^

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