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I’ve GOTTA get this project started and completely finished today.


She’s coming over tonight to pick it up. My cousin.

I tried starting with what is usual an awesome breakfast, but of course managed to fuck it up.


Avocado Muffins

I used the recipe from this post which as you can tell were beautiful and perfect and crazy the first time I made them. This time I managed to not add enough liquid. So they did not rise nearly as much as they should have. Fuck. They still tasted good, but were dense and not fluffy at all. Disappointing.

Then I realize at the start of my project that I did not have enough supplies. FUCK. Why didn’t I think of this yesterday while I was out and about walking? I KNEW I didn’t have this. I was pissed at me. I expressed how pissed I was at me to G. He did his best to calm me down. Didn’t work. I was now forced to waste an hour of my time walking to get this $2 item then walking home…IN THE COLD RAIN! Because OF COURSE it was cold and raining on top of everything else.


Went walking, got my stuff, went home. It sucked. Then I made lunch really quick:

PB&J and a Cinnamon Bagel

Not bad.

I spent ALL DAY making this item. It turned out beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. She loved it. I made a lot of money. I made chili-mac for dinner and made 2 portions in case she wanted any. She wasn’t hungry. So I ate mine and talked to her while I ate. I was so distracted I forgot to take a picture.



What a shitty day. At least tomorrow I get my first actual DAY OFF in over a week. I plan on spending it cleaning and cooking! Because that’s what I love to do! I love being a housewife apparently. Ha!

I’ve always LOVED this tattoo:

Exercise: Unintentional 4 mile walk in the cold


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