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Night in

No, not THAT kind of night in.

He still won’t stay with me. But I’ve stopped bothering him about it. I will let him work through whatever he has to work through. It’s none of my business, I won’t take it personally. It no longer matters to me.

We did have a really pleasant dinner here though. I happen to live a 1 minute walk away from the best pizza in town. A local place. So we went grocery shopping and then had a super nice night here eating pizza and laughing till we cried. We also ate a LOT of pizza. I have to quit eating like a total pig.


Caramelized Pear and Pecan Rice Pudding

I messed this up slightly, but it still turned out delicious! I used buttermilk in this, but didn’t realize that when you heat up buttermilk, it tends to curdle due to the fact that it is incredibly low in fat. To avoid this, add fat to the buttermilk by mixing real butter into it. I also accidentally grabbed the cumin when I intended to add cinnamon. Whoops. Luckily, I still made it edible with a couple other tweaks. So I’ll add a recipe the next time I experiment and get this right.


Small PB&J Sammich

Cinnamon Bagel

Then of course you already know what dinner was:

The light went out right above my table, so the picture was a little dark. Sorry about that!

And yes, we ate this entire deep-dish pizza. 4 slices each. And yes, I still had my ice cream afterwards.

He bought me a new coffee maker and NICE coffee! Because he’s insane. He wrote the name of the coffee on the bag it was ground into. I moved the coffee into an air-tight mason jar and immediately cut out the name he wrote on the bag and taped it to the front of my jar….just to see his handwriting every time I opened my cupboard. Because I’m insane. We’re a great couple.

But we eat too much damn food.

I am now officially caught up on my blog!

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