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Those awkward moments

…where your ex-husband shows up at the exact same time that your boyfriend does.

God……DAMN it.

Luckily, he wasn’t a dick about it. He only came over to drop off my pirate hat. Then he left as quickly as he showed up.

I’d asked him to bring my hat since I needed it for this Wednesday. I said “If you’re in the area any time before Wednesday night, would it be possible for you to drop off my pirate hat?” I didn’t know he was going to come over immediately. He apparently really has nothing better to do.

So he shows up and sees me hugging G, looking AMAZING in my skirt, high heels, form-fitting black shirt, and freshly cut and dyed hair. He walks about halfway up the stairs, hands me my hat, and leaves. I did say “Thank you!”. I then went right back to my conversation with G, COMPLETELY ignoring what had just happened. It was as if my hat floated up to the top of the stairs on its own.

I want him to think that my ex doesn’t exist.

Nothing was said about it all day.

I sent a text to my ex-husband later thanking him again and saying that I owed him a favor. I did not want him to feel as though I was ungrateful. It really was kind of him to bring it over so quickly.

I am glad I looked hot.


We went to what was supposed to be breakfast. But he showed up an hour and a half late. So it turned out to be more of a brunch I guess. I got a caramel pecan waffle with real whipped cream and powdered sugar. My favourite thing on the menu at this place. It’s beautiful, cooked perfectly every time, and tastes like an absolute dream.

I did not have lunch as I had such a late breakfast.


This recipe was an utter fail and its not worth posting. I ate a little more than half of what I made and threw the rest out. It was supposed to be sort of a cornbread casserole thing, but I accidentally left out an ingredient of the cornbread and fucked it up completely. I really hate it when I waste my food/time. 😦

Today could have gone worse all together with personal life AND food…but it was all around one that I could have skipped.

Exercise: 4 mile walk


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