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This was the ONE day in the past 3 months that I absolutely HAD to go dancing.

This day is a kickass excuse to dress like a pirate. I only have somewhere around a bazillion pirate outfit combinations. (Truth.)

Because of last night, I didn’t do so good on the eating front. I skipped both breakfast and lunch.

G came over after work to pick me up and take me to go dancing. We had a few hours in between. I told him my situation. What’s nice is that he didn’t automatically go for the “you’re not fat, you’re perfect/beautiful/etc” route. He catered to my scientific mind, stating that if I wished to go dancing, my body would need the fuel to do so. Otherwise, I may get tired too quickly and will not be able to get all of the dancing in that I wish. This worked really well, as I want to go dancing so badly it hurts. I would regret it if I copped out too soon due to early fatigue.

He is a smart, smart man.

So I took him out to eat. Because he’s amazing. (And I’ve been making a ton of money lately.)

We went for Chinese. We both tried something new on the menu (which for me is not unusual, but for him is an incredibly big deal). I went for something called Mandarin Pork.


These were a whole show! The waiter brings out all the components of this dish out separately and assembles it for you table-side. You can see the one I screwed up before remembering to take a picture! These were described as shredded pork with bamboo shoots and scallions in a black bean paste. They were INCREDIBLY good! I love this restaurant! I would love to learn how to make these! There were 4 of these wraps, I ate 3 of them. I took the final one (and the small amount of leftover rice) home with me.

G KINDLY (very) dropped me off at a friend’s house 1 block away from the club I like to go to (which is a 25 minute drive away, but on the way to his house). We hung all out for a little while and had tea. He left and I was free to dance the night away! GREAT night! We stayed until around 2:00 a.m. and I stayed the night at her place.

I am glad I ate, but still sad about my weight situation. I am still fixing this.

Exercise: 4 hours of dancing

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