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Stay at a friends house.

You can’t get online to do business stuff/answer customer questions/update your blog because you don’t have your computer.

You can’t work as none of your supplies/equipment is there.

You can’t clean as it is not your house.

You can’t even make yourself some damn coffee because it’s not your house.

I woke up at 7 as usual (when the sun rises…since it is later in the year and the days are shorter, my brain now wakes me up later…I can’t wait until the time change when we go back an hour again so my brain can start waking me up earlier!) and I look around the room. My friend is still sleeping. The list above runs through my head. Well…..I can’t DO anything….so….I guess I’ll….go back to sleep?

So I slept until 9. It’s the longest I’ve slept in for a couple of years.

In retrospect, I should have gone for a damn walk.

When we woke up she made me breakfast and coffee. We each had half of a grilled cheese and salmon sandwich and a banana. I failed to take a picture.

We watched some Breaking Bad (which I haven’t seen NEARLY enough of, top notch show, yo!), she did my tarot reading (never had that done before, and though I don’t believe in any of it, it was still fun!) and we put together a coffee table that arrived from IKEA earlier in the morning. We talked about a lot of stuff.

We had lunch. She made me a bowl of yogurt, granola, raspberries and some sliced banana. I failed to take a picture.

Somewhere around 2:00 I realized an incredibly interesting situation where my retail job owes me around $2,500. You think this is a joke, but it is not. I called them to inform them of this. They are looking into it. But really, there is nothing to look into. The truth is that they owe me around $2,500 and I will be getting it. I am IMMENSELY excited about this.

I take a shower around 3:00 and G comes to pick me up around 4:00.

At 4:30 I begin to complain about how I’ve wasted my entire day. I’ve accomplished NOTHING at all. All day. He explains to me that this is okay. It’s apparently OKAY to sit on your ass and do nothing every once in a while. I do not understand this concept. I am still upset. Why would anyone WANT to do NOTHING productive all day? We’ve precious few days on this Earth as it is, and I’m expected to have days where I sit and waste the fuck out of them? Fuck no. This fucking sucks and I hate it.

We go see a movie. This was nice. At least I was doing something I felt was somewhat productive (spending time with my love). We come back to my place where he hangs out and talks with me for a few hours. After he leaves, I eat the leftover Chinese wrap and little bit of extra rice with some soy sauce. I failed to take a picture.

I felt that if nothing else, this was a good day for food.





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