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I can’t figure out which I am.

Either I am too hard on myself for being a perfectly healthy weight and a BMI of 22.6, or I am not hard enough on myself and I ought to be saying “If you don’t lost 10 lbs now, it will be much harder later if you gain any more weight.”

Which is it?

My brain doesn’t work anymore.


Attempting to not eat junk.

More attempts. (Isn’t that apple gorgeous? G bought me those!)

For dinner I was at work, so I ate 2 cups of soup. One was clam chowder and the other was chicken tortilla. Also attempting to not eat junk.

Let me know what you think. I feel like I don’t “need” to be underweight anymore, but I don’t want to “let myself go” either. I don’t think that a BMI of 22.6 means I’ve let myself go though.

Exercise: 4 mile walk

Comments on: "I am too hard on myself (or not hard enough?)" (4)

  1. Regardless if you are ‘overweight’ or ‘underweight’, the only thing that matters is of how YOU feel as the individual. By which metric are you defining ‘underweight’ and ‘overweight’? By what is right for you? Or by what the doctors say is right for you? So ask yourself, what do YOU want?

    • Thank you. This is a really wonderful response! I just want to be happy. Being happy includes eating real food while somehow managing to not be a fatty fat fat. Hehe. I just need to start balancing my healthy meals with my unhealthy ones again! I need to be a good example for G who also desperately wants to lose weight. It will help the BOTH of us if I just curb my sweet tooth a bit more!

  2. Nicole’s right: if you didn’t know what your BMI even was, how would you feel? How would you judge yourself by your clothes, your demenour, an unexpected glance into a reflective surface? BMI is worth nothing compared to whether you are content in yourself, to be yourself, or not.


    • Thank you, Jess! If I didn’t know how MUCH I’d gained, I’d still know that I gained. I can tell. Maybe my clothes still fit fine and my man can’t tell the difference, but I could. I’ve at leat decided NOT to buy a scale. (I was considering this, but G talked me out of it. He knows best. He knows it would just make me go crazy again.) I’m going to just eat better and see how I feel after a couple of weeks. I can also judge by measuring my waist. This is probably a better option than weighing myself as it is more accurate to how I LOOK. Thanks again for the crazyawesome advice!

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