Food and weight-maintenence blog for the POST diet girl

The day started off awesome enough:

2 eggs on 2 pieces of toast. Pretty and delicious!


Sandwich and Apple. Gorgeous picture! I love this one!

It was raining out, so a co-worker picked me up. He also bought me dinner from a fast-food type of Chinese place that he likes. He conned me into getting 2 egg rolls with my bowl of teriyaki chicken (one of the only dishes they had with grilled chicken instead of battered and deep-fried) and tried telling me I could pawn one off on G when I got to work.

I tried, but he wasn’t having it. After I ate my dinner I realized why.

This place sucks. I mean, the food is really….just….bad.

The chicken dish was flavourless. Not enough broccoli (there were 3 pieces), And the egg rolls tasted like cardboard.

I threw the other one out.

Well, at least I didn’t overeat. And G was OVERLY happy with the co-worker who saved me from walking in the rain. He’s a really, really good guy and a good friend to the both of us. G left work a half an hour after I got there. I missed him so much for the rest of the night.

The same co-worker took me home. On the way, we stopped at the grocery store. I picked up some ice cream and cottage cheese. When I got home though, I decided I was fat and didn’t eat any of the ice cream.

It’s nice knowing it’s there though.



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