Food and weight-maintenence blog for the POST diet girl

I NEED to learn how to make these things. When done right, caramel apples are my absolute FAVOURITE seasonal treat! Caramel is easy enough to make…I just have a long line of desserts/candies that I have to make first! First is candy corn. Then we’ll work our way up to caramel from there!

I skipped breakfast again knowing that I would be having one of these (for real this time) at about 11. Which I did. I, of course, forgot a picture though. I just get so excited about sweet things!

Then we went off to see a movie! Afterwards, he dropped me off at home and went to work. We get to work together tonight. All night. It makes me feel safe and happy just knowing he is there with me, even if I don’t really get the chance to see him or talk to him. And he will get to take me home.

I ate a small variety of food for lunch. I kept all the portions down to a minimum, so I didn’t feel too awful about it.


Pretty apple.

And then I also had a little cottage cheese. I took a short nap before work and when I woke up had a small snack of 2 spoonfulls of Greek yogurt with granola.

So everything was still OK up to this point.

I get to work and on my first 15 minute break, do something stupid and open the fridge. There is a huge chocolate cake.


Welp, before I know it I’ve downed 2 pieces of it. Stupid free cake.

I complain to G that there is cake in the fridge that mysteriously made its way into my stomach when he walks back there for his own break. He says “…..did you save any for me?” Hehehe. So I felt a bit better that he was also ruining his diet for the day.

For dinner, I had a tomato pesto sandwich and a couple of peanut butter cookies. I decide today is a waste for my diet, so if I want cookies, I should have cookies.

After spending a little time with G out in the car following our shift (where he falls asleep on my head…poor, cute thing…) I go inside and eat some ice cream.



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