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This could have been a wonderful day had I not been very out of character in the evening.

Breakfast went well:

Parsnip Muffins

I made these with the intention of taking one to G to try. I decided that I had no other reason I wander out that way (no supplies to buy or grocery shopping to do or packages to mail), and chances are he would stop by after work to say hi. So I ate 3 of these and kept the last one in a container for G. I’ve used this recipe lots of times, you can reference it here. (I did not use banana in these, just followed AB’s recipe exactly.)

I ate these really really late. Like at 11:30. So when lunchtime rolled around, I was simply not hungry.

I got a call from G at about 4:30. He just wanted to catch up and talk to me before he went home from work. He’d assumed that since I didn’t go on a walk, I was very busy (which I was, but I am never too busy for him), and thought that giving me a call was more appropriate as he had things he should probably get done too when he got home. So we chatted on the phone for about 20 minutes. I miss him so much I could cry. But his reasoning for not coming over was sound, so I didn’t argue otherwise.

I finished a project and then remembered there was going to be a get together at a bar down the street for a friend who was in town. I made a really quick dinner:

This was cabbage, mushrooms and zucchini with hoisin sauce, honey mustard, and topped with feta cheese. While this was not bad, it would have been a LOT better had I cooked the cabbage better. It was incredibly tough and crunchy and I screwed that up entirely. But I didn’t want to be tempted to eat any junk food when I got to a friend’s house, so I ate it all anyway.

I met up with my friends at another mutual friend’s house who lives very close by. I jumped in a random car and rode out to the bar with them. I left my backpack in the car and grabbed just my purse.

This is where things get a bit hazy.

I got a couple of beers, but a friend kept buying rounds of shots and 151.

It was not a pleasant ending to what could have been a nice evening.

I really don’t want to get too far into it, but I eventually ended up outside. A random person that I did not know brought me my purse and jacket. I remembered to go back inside to pay my tab (but I needed a lot of help to do that). And another close friend took me home. I threw up lots of times in between all of this. Really just…not good. I don’t know why I did that. I’m normally not big into drinking. Maybe I was depressed. I left my backpack in that other person’s car. He lives in Cleveland. Shit. There goes my headphones and MP3 player…now I have nothing to listen to on my walks. Dammit.

Well….at least I threw all that crap (and crappy dinner) back up. I shouldn’t be looking at it that way, but I do. Because you know, I’ve got issues and all.


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