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I’m supposed to be going to the Renaissance Faire today with my brother and sister-in-law.

I am passed out in my bed. I have not set an alarm. I will not be waking up in my usual natural manner.

My phone vibrates off of my windowsill and onto my bed. It wakes me up. How did I remember to put my phone next to my bed? Who’s calling me? What time is it?

It’s G. My beautiful beau has rescued me.

He is shocked that I was not already awake as it is nearly 8:00 a.m. I explain to him, with an unusually clear head, that I’d had a rough night and his phone call was GREATLY appreciated. He was just calling to make certain I’d gotten home safely and that I was okay. He had no idea that I had plans to go to the Faire. He’s just a wonderful, beautiful person. He reminds me that he loves me. Which I am very thankful for as I am not proud of last night and would hope that he didn’t think differently of me because of it. It is not usual behaviour for me.

I am to be at my brother’s at 9:00.

I figure that my lack of hangover is due to the fact that everything I drank came back up last night. This is somehow a good thing.

I do not eat breakfast. (Really, you didn’t expect me to.)

I find one of my many, many pirate outfits and throw it all on. I wander to my brother’s where they are still getting ready. We leave at around 10.

The Faire was awesome as usual. I  was still a bit ill-feeling most of the morning, so didn’t attempt to eat until around 2:00. I had broccoli cheese soup in a breadbowl, which I also ate. I figured bread would probably help my stomach issues by soaking up all of the acidity left over in there from last night. It helped a lot.

As it was the “Sweet Endings” chocolate weekend, I did also indulge in a little fudge. I had a little pumpkin fudge that was made to look like a tiny mini-pie (very cute).

That was all I ate all day.

I couldn’t have possibly been asked to eat any more than that. I am glad I got to have a small indulgence on the last day of  the Faire as going there means a lot to me. When I got home, I opened my computer, sent G a picture of me that I had taken the night before, and set it on my bed next to me. I fell asleep. The IM noise of his response on Facebook woke me up around 12:30. We talked for about half an hour where I expressed how much I miss him. He said he missed me, too. These little things mean so much to me.

I have to have lunch with my dad tomorrow at noon. I’m really hoping my stomach is better by then.

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