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My dad took me out to lunch, which is great because I haven’t seen him all summer! He just wanted to catch up and make sure I was doing okay. That I didn’t need any money or anything. (In the back of his mind, he knows if I’m REALLY desperate/down and out, I will ask for help. Granted, I will let things get pretty bad before I do so, and I ALWAYS pay him back, but he knows if I don’t ask, I’m at least still okay enough that I’m eating/have a roof over my head.) I assured him all is amazing and everything is extremely well and actually, at the moment, I am rolling in money. Doing just fine! And of course I talked G up entirely. All about how great he is and how well he treats me and how much he loves food, just like I do. How he lets me cook for him and how we’re taking things “slow” (Dads love to hear that stuff). So he already loves him. He loves that we have so many things in common and that we DO lots of things TOGETHER. My ex-idiot and I tended to spend a lot of our free time apart. He was never interested in doing a lot of the things I liked to do. And I didn’t want to get drunk at bars all the time. So…somewhat of a conflict of interests I guess. Also, food is an extremely big thing in our family. So the fact that G is actually open to lots of foods is highly comforting to my dad.

My stomach was still sorta “eh” this morning, so I didn’t eat breakfast.

I accidentally screwed up and had a chicken salad half-sandwich for lunch, along with a Cesar salad and steamed broccoli. I screwed up, but it was a great, healthy choice and VERY delicious. But yeah, I’ll officially have to make up my MM. (Even though I did eat entirely vegetarian yesterday, I would still prefer to make a conscious effort when I do have a meatless day. So I will try again.)

Dinner was one cup of Tomato Bisque soup at work.

I officially miss G so much I’ll go fucking mad if I don’t get to look at him. I will visit him tomorrow between when he gets off of work and when I have to work. There’s a good 3 hours in there that I could look at him for. I will take that. And I will be extremely happy afterwards.

Exercise: 2 mile walk


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