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Screwed up MUMM…Dammit.

It was the tiniest thing too!

I had the last parsnip muffin (that I WAS saving for G, but wasn’t ever sure when he was coming over again, so I just ate it) for breakfast. Forgot to take a picture of it.

I walked down to work to see him (and to purchase an order I placed in his department) toward the end of his shift. Turned out he was asked to work an extra hour. I told him I had some shopping I could go do at the market and “have lunch” there. (aka – Sample some cheeses, breads, fruits, and vegetables.) So I would be back to see him when I was done.

I had to work at 5:30. He was off at 3:30. 2 whole hours is what I’m going to all this trouble for. I miss him so fucking much.

I go and munch on some samples here and there. I buy some pears. I off-handedly, not even freaking THINKING about it, grab a sample of sausage. DAMMIT! So I’ve fucked up my Make-Up Meatless Monday. It’ll now have to be a Meatless Wednesday. UHG! My brain will surely switch itself back on eventually, right? Right???

I wander back to work a bit early, but had no other real option. I can just wait around until he gets off work. He calls to me from his car in the parking lot. He got out a little earlier than expected. I jump into the car and just snuggle the bajeezus out of him. How could he possibly understand how much I’ve missed him? He says he’s missed me too.

He helps me do some grocery shopping (because he’s incredibly sweet and loves shopping with me) and drops me off at work. I’ll see him again tomorrow for a little while.

I have a cup of Tomato Bisque soup for dinner at work.

I hate these days that I forget to take pictures.

Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow?


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