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I don’t think I’ve discussed this on here, but I will be coming into a lot of money at Midnight. My guess is somewhere in the vicinity of $2,500.

My retail job messed up my paycheck about a year and a half ago. Someone’s fat finger pushed a wrong button and reset my pay down to minimum wage. I will be receiving the difference in tomorrow’s paycheck. This is my luck. It is weird. I don’t win the lottery or any raffles or other contests…but somehow when I really need it, I receive large amounts of luck at one time.

In this case large amounts of money.

I will be able to fix my car, buy an unnecessarily large television set, and very possibly a raspberry ice Kitchen Aid mixer. After buying a couple other small things (a lamp, a DVD player, a new mouse for my computer because the old one broke, you know, not terribly expensive things) I will save the rest.

It will be a really good night.


Since I’ve lots of work to do today, I didn’t spend a lot of time on breakfast or lunch.


So I pretty much had the usual “I am OUT of time!” meals.

I had 2 cups of soup at work. One Broccoli Cheese and one Chicken Noodle.

So I ate very well today! I’ve been doing pretty good in general! I know I’ve lost about half an inch off of my waist already, so things are going wonderfully! I think I will call my journey Operation “Fit-Into-Sexy-Dresses”. I do have a goal. G loves these two dresses that I own. If I gain too much weight, I will no longer fit into them. I don’t think it unreasonable to focus on just fitting into dresses rather than the number on the scale. I only need to lose about another half inch off my waist to achieve this.

I admit to my superior at work that I am curious about tomorrow’s paycheck. She is as well, so she grabs it for me (because we actually get ours mailed to us the day before they are deposited) and lets me look at it. It was exactly what I thought it would be, plus the money I had made the week before. $2,600. I sort of wanted to cry.

I am so weirdly lucky.

Exercise: 2 mile walk

Comments on: "Money" (2)

  1. I love this, of course.
    But how in the heck didn’t a smart girl like you notice such a botch-up sooner?

    • I was well into being self-employed full-time at this point and I get direct deposit from my retail job. I hardly noticed the pay change since sometimes I wouldn’t even work more than one day a week there. I knew it would be a small amount each paycheck. I never open my pay stubs, and when I did, it was simply to check the total. Not to look and see if I was still being paid the same amount I’ve been getting paid for the past 5 years or so. You sort of take those details for granted after a while.

      All in all, it’s okay! I’ve got an obscenely large television on order (WAY more for him than for me, though I did need one, anyway), will get my car fixed (which the friend/coworker helping me with my car has insisted on paying for all the parts I need anyway because he’s a complete sweetheart), and will invest in what I love to do best by means of a hot pink KitchenAid mixer (which is the one investment that is truly for myself as I don’t really need a TV or car). So really, how could I complain? These are just the sorts of things that happen to me on a relatively regular basis. I’m oddly well-acquainted with it. I lead an interesting life.

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