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Replacement parts

During my stint last week where I got puking sick, I left my backpack in a random car on the way to Cleveland. I started replacing the things left in it.

1.) Mace. This is insisted upon by G. While I know I am fine and he has no need to be so worrisome over my safety, I buy a new one to save him from a heart attack. It’s simply nice to have someone who gives a shit because fuck knows my ex-husband didn’t care. (Sorry about the rant.)

2.) Headphones. I pick up a pair of clearance  over-the-ear headphones. (I HATE earbuds. Hate hate hate. Hate is not a strong enough word for how I feel about earbuds. They look like shit, hurt like hell, and sound WORSE than shit.)  They have Boba Fett on them. They are the coolest headphones I have ever seen at my retail job.

3.) MP3 player. My brother, being the absolute DOLL that he is, bought me an iPod Nano. It was used, from a friend, so he assures me he got a great deal on it and insists that I take it. He even fills it with all the great music that was on the other one he gave me that I managed to ruin. I will NOT ruin this one!

I spent the day working at home and my evening at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. We painted our nails while my brother worked on getting my MP3 player all set up. It was great to have people I could sort of celebrate my new found wealth with. It was a really great day!


Baked Oatmeal with Sugared Pecan topping

Alright I’m going to be TOTALLY honest with you here….I cannot remember what kind of baked oatmeal this is. It MIGHT have just been cinnamon raisin with pecan topping…or it MAY have been sweet potato baked oatmeal. Oh my god, I cannot remember. Well, baked oatmeal is pretty easy. And the topping is just butter, brown sugar, and pecans all mixed together (I just used my hands) and sprinkled on top. From what I remember it was great! Man…something is wrong with me.


Yup. You can tell I’m wearing a pink shirt with the weird rose-tinted shadow along the bottom of the shot.


Sweet Potato pasta sauce on Quinoa Noodles

Once again, how I made this or what I put into it completely alludes me. I chopped some veggies, stir-fried them, boiled some sweet potato, pureed it with some milk, sage, and cinnamon, and added it to the veggies. I just…uhg. I make things up so often as I go now, that I keep forgetting how I make things. I will start writing down ingredients as I add them from here on out. Because this not knowing thing is sort of annoying. I promise it won’t happen again. PROMISE!




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