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You guessed it.

I really tried to not mess this one up.

I actually forgot to eat breakfast. I was in such a rush to get my place cleaned up and run out the door for work by noon that I completely forgot to eat.

Weird. I can’t remember the last time I FORGOT to eat. I mean, I’ve purposely NOT eaten. But I never forgot.

When it was time for lunch at work I SPECIFICALLY ordered the artichoke and spinach quiche since the only soup available that day had meat in it.

Then not more than 3 HOURS LATER, I messed all that up. G came to pick me up and I invited him out to dinner (since I’ve got all this money now). We tried a place that I knew had really great vegetarian options, but they were closed. Apparently this fact COMPLETELY threw me off because then we went for Asian cuisine where I promptly ordered my favourite dish at this particular restaurant. Walnut Chicken. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING???

It was at least a lovely evening with my lovely man. But, goddammit. If I keep messing up my Meatless Mondays, I’m going to…..complain a lot about messing up my Meatless Mondays. (I’m full of empty threats to myself…)


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