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Wonderful mornings

I spent the morning laughing my ass off talking with G on the computer. He is just something else. Completely wonderful. He makes me laugh like no one else has in my life. It was such a fun morning that nothing else could possibly ruin my day.


I have no idea why this really simple breakfast turned out so beautiful in a picture, but wow. This is just a gorgeous shot!

Back to sammich pictures. *sigh* You know, honestly this is better for me than making huge, elaborate lunches every day. For my waistline AND for my timeline.

I got picked up by my co-worker at around 2:20 for work. He worked at 2:30, I didn’t work until 3:30, but he let me borrow his car so I could go buy more supplies. That was really sweet of him. He’s just a really good fucking guy and he knows G isn’t around all the time to take care of me, so he tries to fill in when he can. He’s a family man, 3 kids, so he’s just used to taking care of people. He and G have a really good relationship.

So my morning started out so great, that even me practically throwing coffee at a customer while I was freaking out over the mile-long line that I had, it was still a fantastic day. I got to work with the man formerly known as PFH#2. It is ALWAYS a wonderful night when we get to see each other, though, it means less productivity at work. Managers just have to deal with this. If we are scheduled together, work does not happen. Fact. So normally, they know better than to do so. This was not one of those nights.

I had 2 cups of soup for dinner. One Black Bean and the other Chicken and Wild Rice.


Comments on: "Wonderful mornings" (2)

  1. I love your sandwiches! I think you should make whatever meals you feel most comfortable with, and never mind if they are repetitive to readers. *hugs*


    • You always make me feel better about (what I feel are) my boring pictures/meals. I was telling G about you today and how encouraging you’ve always been. Thank you!

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