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I am being treated to the best BBQ in G’s town followed closely by the best ice cream in, well, the best ice cream I have ever had anywhere in my life. I am so very spoiled. The biggest treat though? Spending the day with my love.


Check out my adorable solar powered rover in the back. I got it on clearance for $7.


I of course forgot to take a picture of dinner. *sigh* I had ribs, chips and cheese dip, salsa, noodles with Parmesan, and a house salad. Then I had pumpkin ice cream in a waffle cone. I also bought some chocolate covered pretzels for myself and buckeyes for G. He said something about how much he liked them. So I grabbed them and threw them on the counter. He protested and protested. I pretended not to hear him. I gave them to him in the car. He can have anything he wants. I want to give him anything he wants.

I ate a lot. I’m hoping to balance that out later. I don’t want to get back into any bad habits. I need to get back to the gym.

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