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New Meatless Monday theory

So G came up with an interesting theory. If I do nothing but eat candy all day, I can’t possibly fuck up my Meatless Monday.

Granted, it doesn’t exactly solve my “replacing meals with junk” issue.

But it’ll ensure me ONE non fucked up Meatless Monday. So I did it.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels. 5 of them.


Caramel Apple.

I worked tonight. Which was incredibly pleasant as I got to work with G. He brought me a buckeye. I ate it and 4 mini-cupcakes that were in the break room. That was dinner. He brought me home. It was a beautiful night. And I managed to not eat any meat all day. Finally. It wasn’t the best way to accomplish the problem, but it was a delicious solution!

Exercise: 2 mile walk

Comments on: "New Meatless Monday theory" (2)

  1. LOL. This made me laugh. Tell G that I like his theory. Ask him, though, of how he’d address Vegan Monday, if you were vegan? 😀

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