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Love and real vampires

The scary kind. Not the kind all the teenage girls apparently want to date.

I worked from home most of the morning. My darling came over after work and brought a ton of movies for me to choose from. I was elated. I first chose the pilot episode of Star Trek. (Because I’m a massive nerd). I then chose Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing’s “Horror of Dracula”, which, not surprisingly, is creepily fantastic! I am adoring just laying back and snuggling on my love while watching amazing films.

I also spent the day making simple (yet I must complicate even the simplest of recipes!) cupcakes for my coworker who spent so much time (and even a little money!) helping to fix my car. He deserved them!


Just easier when I’ve got shit to do.


Fluffy Yellow Cake and Fudge Frosting

Wonderful Cook’s Illustrated recipe for a light and fluffy yellow cake topped with a smooth, rich fudge frosting. These were WONDERFUL! I would make them again even though they are so simple!

Dinner was at Steak & Shake with the beau. I had a jalapeno burger thing. It was really, really good. Sometimes I hate that a fast food joint like Steak & Shake can make a better burger than I can. (Not that I’ve made many.) I will be working on this!

I can’t wait until Saturday when he comes back to watch more movies with me! I’m so happy to have a good excuse to keep him here! ^_^

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