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I generally don’t have many, so today was nice! I was visited by the  friend who helped me move all of the heavy stuff up here. He’s a good friend and a good guy and I don’t get to see him enough. He sent me a big list of movies to choose from. Though I didn’t have the chance to get back to him in time, I was raving to G all last night that I was going to get to see Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog today (which was my choice, but I never ACTUALLY got to tell my friend that). When I finally went on the computer to tell him that this was what I wanted to watch, he’d written me saying “I hope you don’t mind, I grabbed Dr. Horrible and a couple of other things that I think you’d like.” HA! My friends can read my mind.


Another pretty eggs and toast picture!


When my friend arrived, he brought beer. Because I forget he’s a sweetie and feels the need to contribute to the dinner in some way when I offer to buy. We had pizza from the excellent pizza joint up the street:

Pineapple and Bacon pizza

I need to learn how to make pizza dough properly. I also totally ate half of this pizza. Damn. It’s okay, we both did. So I didn’t look like a total pig in front of my friend!

So we had an excellent time and hung out until about 9. He’s a good kid and I’m glad that G trusts me and trusts the people I choose to hang out with. I’m not used to being trusted. (Ironically.) He left me a couple of movies to borrow to keep me entertained knowing that I don’t have any movies as of yet. (I own 12 DVDs, 2 of them are the same movie, Reservoir Dogs.) I have awesome friends.


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