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Especially in places that aren’t theirs and with things that don’t belong to them?

It was IMPOSSIBLE to keep the store clean today. I did nothing but picked up piles of merchandise scattered all over every area and corner of the place. Retail is a pain in the ass enough without people grabbing random items off of the shelves and throwing them over their shoulders for no reason. (Or so it seemed.)

I understand it is “my job” to put things away after customers carelessly leave them out of place…but it just seems an unnecessary inconvenience over common courtesy. People (who think they’re being cute) try to call it “job security”, as if I do NOTHING ELSE but clean up messes all day. Actually, I could get a lot more of my ACTUAL JOB done (and far more efficiently) if people took the time to think, “This isn’t my home and these aren’t my things, I should put them back where I found them”.

It’s that whole “Do unto others” thing that I’ve heard so much about.




I also munched on an extra slice of bread while I was making this, which I show the remains of in my picture.

Snack before work:

A little granola and greek yogurt. It was going to be a long night and I was hungry.

At work I had half of a turkey cranberry sandwich and a cup of soup. I love this time of year because that is totally my favorite sandwich and we only carry it from October till about the end of December. I try to take advantage of it.

It wasn’t exactly a BAD day or anything, just very busy and a little overwhelming as we are often understaffed for this sort of mess. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Exercise: 3 mile walk

Comments on: "Why are people so inherently destructive?" (4)

  1. I always re-hang my tried outfits and books because I do not feel that an “associate” is my “assistant” unless I am paying her directly.

    • We super appreciate that mindset. You wouldn’t believe how many customers think of us as their “personal shoppers”, taking up ungodly amounts of our time, and then ultimately not buying anything anyway after we waste all of that time on them. Very frustrating.

  2. I hate retail. I hated working at Forever 21. At one point I had to tell myself not to stress about it. I could only do my best. The dressing room would never be empty of clothes, but if I didn’t set myself at a reasonable pace then I would have gone insane from all the constant rush.

    • Do you still work retail? I’ve been in retail my entire working life, so for 14 years. Eventually, being yelled at for no reason by unreasonably angry people (especially during the holiday season) was beginning to wear on me. So I started my own at-home business. I still work my retail job, too, because to be honest I LIKE my job. I like the people I work with. I like MOST of our customers. I would miss them if I quit entirely. I’ve been at my current one for 10 years and we have a very low turnover where I work, so I’ve been working with most of the same people the entire decade I’ve been there. I have fewer run-ins with unsavory customers as I am not there as often. I’ve also gotten better at talking them off the ledge, so to speak, when they are angry. But, man, the total slobs still get to me…

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