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An especially wonderful day

I got everything done that I needed to this morning before seeing G. When he came over, we did a little shopping (which always puts us in an amazing mood just because we get to interact in front of other people, we do love to entertain!) and went out to dinner. I don’t know what it was, we were just especially flirty and happy. I really loved it. I’ve sad this a hundred times, but he amazes me.


Moved from Cocoa Pebbles to Honey Bunches of Oats! (Ohhhhh!….ahhhhh!)


The usual. Always too busy to make anything fun for lunch…


WOW! This was a pepper stuffed with shredded beef, ranchero sauce and a side of rice with with 3 tortillas to wrap it all up in! My tastebuds were never more satisfied with a meal from this restaurant! Really delicious!

We came back here and watched “Dark and Stormy Night”, which is a comedic spoof of old 30’s and 40’s horror flicks. VERY funny and worth watching! He ended up having to leave a little early since we both had to be at work in the morning. Pity. 😦

Exercise: 3.5 mile walk



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