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Bumpy mornings

Any time I get to give G a kiss first thing in the morning, it is a good day.

Immediately smacking my head into a door frame afterwards, not so much. But I’m hoping it made for entertaining footage on the security cameras! G felt bad because he knew it was “his fault” because, well…he just has that effect on me. I didn’t cry over it, I thought it was hilarious. Man, did that shit hurt though. I have a massive bump on my forehead. I’d love to see that footage.


Good morning, 5:30 AM!


I had soup from the cafe. One was chicken noodle and the other was broccoli cheese.

After work, G waited around until I was off. (Because he’s sweet.) And we went out to eat! I forgot to take a picture, but here’s what I had:

Carrot Cake Pancakes from iHop! Om nom nom! I also had eggs and sausage and hash browns. I totally ate them all. I was happy.

We came home and watched “Jason and the Argonauts”, which I found out that I’ve seen before. I’ve actually watched a ton of movies, I just don’t always know what they are when I’m watching them. This has happened countless times. I’ll just be at home on my computer or whatever and I’ll be bored, flipping through channels, until I find something that I think looks cool. At one point, I did just that with this movie. I realized a quarter of the way into it that I’d seen it before. It’s a great movie, so we watched it anyway. I’m glad I bought a television.

Exercise: 8 hours at retail job

Comments on: "Bumpy mornings" (2)

  1. Aww, I’ve actually walked into a door frame in front of the spin coach I ‘like’ before…and I’ve barely talked to him! I am clumsy anyway but around people who have ‘that’ effect on me I’m liable to permanently injure myself or give myself a concussion…hey, at least I might get the kiss of life that way 😛

    Jason and the Argonauts is brilliant! It was one of my favourite films when I was about six or seven, along with (the original) Clash of the Titans. I was a myths and legends nerd so I’d watch both films every year on my birthday!

    You and G’s relationship is so sweet. I wish I could find my very own ‘G’ (although the spin coach would be an ‘A’ instead…)


    • The boys think it’s cute when we girls get clumsy around them, I’m sure. I’ve done it before. I was handing someone their change at work when he walked in unexpectedly and I dropped the customer’s change all over the place. Whoops! I told him about that later. Do you still ever see this spin coach? You should try talking to him! Make a joke about that time you hit yourself in the head and see if he remembers! It would be a great ice breaker!

      It’s a FABULOUS movie! It is included on his list of 365 favourite films. When is your birthday? I will have to watch them with him on that day just for you! He actually knows who you are. ^_^ You will totally find yourself a G! (Or insert other letter there, hehe.) Just don’t settle for anything less and you’ll find him! (Or her! You never know! 😉 )

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