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Anytime I fuck up my food, I shall start deeming it as such. An “FFD”, or, “Food Fail Day” since I seem to do this so often. I at least got my Meatless Monday correct.

One of my tendencies is to throw all caution to the wind when I screw up my first meal of the day. I become angry with myself and decide to make up for it, I will just eat whatever I want, fully convincing myself that it will make me feel better. It never really does.


Buttermilk Pancakes with Sugar Free Maple Syrup

While I’m sure these don’t look the least bit messed up to you, I assure you, they are. They were not as fluffy or well-cooked as the last time I made them. They tasted acceptable, and anyone else would have thought they were great, but I was disappointed. The sugar-free syrup doesn’t help either. Ick. REAL maple syrup (or at least full-fat Mrs. Butterworth’s or SOMETHING) will be purchased soon. I cannot tolerate sub-par food anymore.


Because of the failed pancakes, I made cookies for lunch. As you can see, these were also a fail. The rack in the oven was set too low and the bottoms of these were burned before the cookie was even cooked all the way through. Goddammit. I made 9 of these I think…I ate 6. The last 3 were thrown out because they just weren’t any good.


Completely made up Coconut Milk and Yogurt Curry

Carrots, diced
Rutabaga, diced
Onion, sliced
Mushrooms, cut into chunks
Ginger, fresh grated
1/8 t Cardamom
1/4 t Garam Masala
1 t Cumin
Ground Red Pepper
1/2 t Turmeric
Pinch of Sugar
Yogurt (1/4 cup?)
Coconut Milk (1/3 cup?)
Parsley for garnish

Cook root veggies until they begin to soften. Add ginger and spices and cook for a couple minutes longer. Add mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms are slightly browned. Add coconut milk and yogurt with a pinch of sugar. Cook until sauce is as thin or thick as you’d like. Serve on top of sticky rice.

*Dinner was not so much of a fail. I used up some veggies that really needed to be used. Throwing out food is the pits. It tasted exactly the way I wanted and was very filling. I nearly bought more junk food as I was out shopping, but didn’t. I decided on a reasonable dinner instead. It was still a fail day for the most part, but it at least had a happy ending.

I got a call from a possible mechanic about my car while I was out. He came over to look at it. He seemed really nice at first, very chatty and we had a lot in common. Toward the end of the conversation though, he turned out to be a complete racist bigot. I do not want him to work on my car. Finding someone else shouldn’t be all that hard. Someone who isn’t a bad person.

Maybe I will never have a working car.

Exercise: 1.66 miles

Comments on: "FFD (Food Fail Day) but not an MM fail!" (3)

  1. I think all of this looks fabulous, veganised, of course.
    This morning, I was craving pancakes with sugar free syrup! Of course, real maple would be better, but I just would not waste the calories on that. I’d rather eat the calories in something like plant based meat. nom nom nom.
    It’s freezing where I am right now, and those cookies, hot off of the oven, would certainly warm me up. But they would fuck up my day, in terms of I’d want to eat the entire batch. So I shall live vicariously through your photographs, as always. I love your culinary excellence. Everything looks perfect to me, despite your thinking otherwise!!! 😀

    • I FINALLY purchased real, 100% pure maple syrup yesterday! WHOA! What a gorgeous difference! It tastes so beautiful! Like a song! I can’t even describe it. My mind was blown. I’m fairly sure it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to splurge on such a luxury and have never experienced it before. Just….wow! I am glad that you think everything I make looks good! Us cooks/bakers have ridiculously high standards of ourselves and we can be far too hard on us. I need to update, update, update today! I LOVE how your plant-based meats look! They always look delicious! I bought some vegetarian chicken nuggets once simply because I’d tried them at a friend’s house the taste enthralled me! Maybe you could suggest some vegan brands of meats to me?

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