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4:30 AM – Day 2

Sorry that my breakfast will be boring for a couple of days. It’s not that if I didn’t wake up a little earlier I wouldn’t have time…and I would. It’s just the whole having to walk half an hour makes it difficult to be motivated to run around a kitchen for an hour beforehand. I’d rather just relax and have some coffee and cereal. Actually, this morning I couldn’t even be bothered to take a picture of my breakfast as it was so uninteresting and I’m sure you can tell I generally have a problem with turning on lights in the morning. Getting the camera to focus in the dark poses a problem. So an attitude of “fuck it” ensued.

I had 2 cups of soup at work.

After work, I once again walked to buy more supplies (in case you ever wonder, I have printable coupons I can use at this place, but can only use one a day), then walk home, start and finish another project, and make dinner at some point. All in record time so I can be in bed before 10. Preferably by 9:30. So tiring.


This was supposed to be peanut chicken, but it was not particularly good. It was edible. I am never very impressed with peanut sauce that I make at home. In short, it always sucks. I will be improving this soon. I won’t bother posting a recipe because this is not worth reproducing.

Tomorrow, I get to see G. He will help take me to the post office and some shopping. This will help me feel a little less overwhelmed. As a way to relax a bit, we’ll also go out to dinner. I won’t have to rush cooking us anything after work. This is exciting to me and I’m so looking froward to it.

Exercise: 6 mile walk


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